Get Involved

Our success depends on the generosity and hard work of our supporters. By volunteering to help you immediately start making Philly a better place for tenants and, more broadly, help us to lay the foundation for a more just society.

Child Care:

The PTU prioritizes empowering working class community members in Philadelphia, and that means providing a resource so that members don’t have to choose between caretaking and activism. We host meetings about twice per month with special events in between. If you are able to volunteer regularly or even a few times, please reach out to us!

Tenant Organizing:

Direct tenant organizing is the mainstay of our Tenants Union. Without tenants who are committed to fighting for their rights, landlords continue to skirt around and get away with breaking the law. We need people who are speaking to tenants about their landlord problems, helping to organize building and neighborhood meetings, and flyering and canvassing for new tenants in need.

Campaign Work:

Our major campaign right now is working to bring Rent Control to the city. We need your help getting petition signatures, planning and coming out to actions, calling city council members, and much more.

Arts and Culture:

The Tenants Union always needs art and graphic design contributions for flyers, protest signs, and other materials, especially for our Just Cause campaign. We’ve also held numerous benefit shows to help fundraise our activities if you’re in a band or know someone in a band and are interested in putting on a show for us, reach out!


For our Just Cause campaign we need to do research on things like eviction statistics and how Just Cause has been passed in cities like San Francisco. If you like doing nitty-gritty behind-the-scenes sleuthing, this is where you can shine.

Legal Counseling and Support:

Tenants who complain and act up against their landlord are often targets for harassment and eventually might get threatened for eviction. Almost always, these evictions have no basis, but tenants have no right to a public defender in eviction court and the courts themselves are stacked in favor of landlords. We need lawyers who can advise tenants and, if it comes to it, help tenants fight to keep living in their homes.

Want to Help Out? Contact Us!