Wall of Shame

Landlords love to watch our records, so we watch them back. Here’s the worst of the worst.

SBG Management

Late October, a unit in the Dorset Court Apartments in West Philly burst into flames. The faulty smoke alarms didn’t make a sound, and the fire spread quickly before being noticed. Residents were unsurprised. For some time now the building — housing over 100 people — has been the host of roaches, rodents, mold and mushrooms growing out of the floor. Dorset Court Apartments have been hit with fire violations for years.

SBG Management (which describes itself as “reliable and warmhearted”) has been routinely lax about making timely repairs. The building was cited for broken fire alarms back in the summer — had they made the needed repairs, this fire might have been prevented.  Residents are still recovering after having their lives put at risk by the neglect of SBG Management Services.


Ingerman Management Group

Tenants of the group’s properties report multiple issues of neglect (mice infestation, holes in walls going unrepaired, carbon monoxide leaks). These issues have been reported and gone unrepaired.

Brad Ingerman, CEO
Marty Josephs, President

Ingerman Management was sued in 2017 after the company’s (at that time) only black female member of the leadership objected to “discriminatory comments and conducts, including sexist and racist comments that were made by the company’s highest-level executives.” The lawsuit includes claims of inappropriate and sexist comments and pictures. She was fired shortly after the complaints.

Brad Ingerman, after receiving $18 millions in loans for rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy, said he never thought he would be “so thankful for a hurricane or superstorm.”

Marty Ingerman noted that seniors “were instructed to purchase renters insurance” when asked about burst pipes that caused damage to many low-income senior housing units. Ingerman management groups owns the Elkton Senior Apartments in Maryland. He said the company had no obligation to offer financial assistance to seniors forced to live out of hotels while waiting weeks for repairs.



Michael Davis

Davis makes a habit of preying on people in homeless shelters, moving them into properties and evicting them in short order. He barges into people’s homes unannounced. He’s pressured tenants into doing repair work for him. Without pay. He’s crammed tenants into properties against code and rented out Housing Authority property he didn’t own, both of which led to sudden evictions. The Tenants Union has had more than one interaction with Davis while defending the tenant rights of our now-VP, Barry.

He was in trouble in 2013 after some of his tenants rented a property from Davis that Davis did not actually own. The tenants were evicted with 24 hours notice after this was discovered, and had to pack up and get out.


Powelton Properties

Powelton Properties (owned by Sheldon Schwartz) has a long list of tenant complaints. Those brought to PTU include complaints of illegally jury rigged breakers and related potentially dangerous electrical problems. Other complaints include misleading tenants, pest infestations, refusal to make necessary repairs, raising rent after lease renewal, heating problems, and fire safety issues. Tenants are repeatedly called liars when making complaints and asking for assistance. Their Yelp and Better Business Bureau pages are telling.


Gitau Kaggia

Kaggia came on our radar after trying to evict Joan, a single mother living with her pregnant daughter, over what he claimed was a $60 unpaid bill. After he admitted the bill to be untrue (she had paid all her bills and rent) he went ahead to evict her anyway without cause, while her daughter was still pregnant. Due to the city’s lack of Just Cause protections for renters, he is likely to get away with it.