Wall of Shame

Landlords love to watch our records, so we watch them back. Here’s the worst of the worst.

SBG Management

Late October, a unit in the Dorset Court Apartments in West Philly burst into flames. The faulty smoke alarms didn’t make a sound, and the fire spread quickly before being noticed. Residents were unsurprised. For some time now the building — housing over 100 people — has been the host of roaches, rodents, mold and mushrooms growing out of the floor. Dorset Court Apartments have been hit with fire violations for years.

SBG Management (which describes itself as “reliable and warmhearted”) has been routinely lax about making timely repairs. The building was cited for broken fire alarms back in the summer — had they made the needed repairs, this fire might have been prevented.  Residents are still recovering after having their lives put at risk by the neglect of SBG Management Services.