Good (Just) Cause Campaign

There’s an eviction crisis in Philly. And it’s growing. Fast.


Eviction attacks our communities. 
In some Philly neighborhoods, 15% of people get evicted every year. No community can stay strong when 15% of its residents live with no security, always moving from home to home.


Eviction attacks children. 
It steals their homes, their connection to their schools, their right to grow up free from fear. And when they get pushed out, there’s less and less places to go. Philly has lost 20% of it’s affordable housing over the last 15 years–that’s 24,000 thousand homes that have been taken from working class people.


Eviction attacks people of color. 
80% of people facing eviction in Philly are people of color; 70% are women of color. As Matthew Desmond, author of Evicted, says, “If incarceration has come to define the lives of men from impoverished black neighborhoods, eviction is shaping the lives of women.”
President Trump wants even more evictions. He wants to use his slimy eminent domain practices to demolish our communities like UPenn did to the Black Bottom neighborhood in the 60s.


City council needs to do something about the eviction crisis. NOW
The first step?


Landlords in Philly have all the power over tenants. When a lease is up, even if it only lasts a month, landlords can evict you for no reason. It doesn’t matter if you paid your rent on time for twenty years. It’s the ultimate trump card. Landlords can hold it over your head: “I can always EVICT YOU if you don’t stop COMPLAINING about these repairs or the rent!!” And landlords do evict people–thousands and thousands of them. Then they replace them with tenants who pay more.


This has to change. Landlords should only evict tenants for a good reason, or what the law calls a “Good (Just) Cause.”
Did you know that every tenant in New Jersey already has Just Cause? Did you know that every tenant that gets low income housing assistance already has Just Cause? If it’s good enough for Jersey, why not Philly? City Council could pass a law tomorrow giving tenants this protection. And that’s what we want them to do.


Get involved to help us in our campaign to bring this law to Philly and finally enact legislation to stem the tide of gentrification!
Thanks to the many organizations that have already endorsed this legislation:
Endorsers of Philly's Good Cause Law